Run Your Own Search Engine

Our hosted solution allow you to run your own search engine.You can have your own special search engine such as travel, games,animals, medical, software, sports, music, cars or any other category you like.We can create and host custom search engine for you by indexing only those sites which meets your selected category. You can also select to index the whole web instead of some specific category.

To create a good-sized search engine that can handle moderate traffic requires a fair amount of hardware and bandwidth.It also require full time programmers to maintain and keep the index fresh.Regular operation include fetching pages, indexing, updating and more.With our plan customers don’t have to worry about the hard part of running a search engine.

We are offering search engine software , hardware, bandwidth, and maintenance support, so you can only focus on bussiness development and not technical.

Not to mention that it’s a search engine that will grow with you, allowing you to easily add software components , plugins or build applications on it.So you get one powerful search engine.

Intranet Deployments (SiteSearch)
This hosting plan also apply for companies who want to index their websites.


* Flexible – Customizable.

* Unbiased – Searches are not weighted on anything but the relevance of information.

* Dynamic Page Summaries – Judge relevance of results more easily with dynamically generated snippets showing your query in the context of the page.

* Cached Pages – View search results even when the sites are down via cached copies of pages included in the search results.

* Explain Link – Displays an explanation of how page is scored.

* Anchors – Shows the list of incoming anchors indexed for the page.

* Advanced Search – Perform complex and sophisticated queries.

* Clustering Automatically categorizes search results on-the-fly into hierarchical clusters, so users can find information easily.

* Thumbshots – Did you know over 90% of users would like to see thumbnails in their favorite search engine? , with our custom search engine solution you will get this service free.Try here

A list of known file types we’ve tested to date and found work are:

* Word

* Excel

* PowerPoint


* Text

* HTML Files

* Acrobat

* MP3

Spam Filtering Technology

Now ObjectsSearch clients have option to filter out their search results.

This spam-filtering technology is based on the Bayesian algorithm, as it directly relates to the Bayesian spam filters is been used in the ObjectsSearch Labs’s search engine.

A Bayesian spam filter is a complex algorithm used in estimating the probability or the likelihood that certain content or material detected by Search Engine is in fact spam.

In its most basic format, the Bayesian spam filter determines if something “looks spammy” or if, on the other hand, it is relevant content that will truly help the user.

To a certain degree, the Bayesian algorithm has proven efficient in the war against spam in the search engines. Being ‘bombarded’ by spam. Spam-filtering technology will protect the quality and relevancy of search results.

ObjectsSearch is still experimenting with its newly-implemented algorithm and that there are many important adjustments that will need to be done to it to make it more efficient.

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