Anti-Spyware Protection

Looking at all the ads which promise to get rid of all spy
programs, one may wonder why there is still plenty of them
everywhere and the situation is by no means getting better.
So let me spoil the advertisers’ mood and show some of the
“holes” in the majority of software products we expect to
protect our data.

Speaking about drawbacks of anti-spyware, let’s take the
word “spyware” in the narrow sense for a change and call
“spyware” only software products that really spy, i.e. steal
valuable information you want to keep private. Let’s leave
aside adware — this motley crew of advertising stuff;
information that some of them “steal” isn’t valuable enough.
It is keylogging programs that we should associate with the
term “spyware” first of all. This breed is exceptionally
dangerous — such threats as flourishing online bank fraud
and the recent outbreak of keylogger-containing Trojans
prove this.

Generally speaking, most anti-spyware works like that