The REAL Key To Successfully Marketing Any Product!

The REAL key to successful marketing of any product is building relationships. The most successful tools for this strategy are forums, communities, coops and the new form of media desktop software, i.e. “Your Easy Street’s” new Media Pilot. In order to properly build product sales, you must gain trust and understand the needs of the people you are selling to, or you’ll get poor returns on your efforts and investments.

In regards to the forums, If you want others to read your post, then read and respond to the posts of others that relate to your interests. Learn about what people in your business are looking for. Listen to their needs and then respond where you can genuinely assist in providing what they REALLY need. You will be successful

A perfect example can be seen in this situation: When I was a Retail Key Accounts Manager for a fortune 500 company, I sold in hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotional products monthly, to chain stores i.e. Walmart, K-Marts, Eckerds Drugs, etc. In order to continue sales and meet my quota, I had to maintain a certain level of sales in the stores. Now, if the buyers of these particular chain stores had no confidence in my products or suggestions, then they would not buy from me and I would have been out of a job! Therefore I had to build a good relationship with them and show my good intent. They hated salespeople who came in a dumped truckloads of product on them with a sweet tongue. They way I showed good intent was in taking time
to develop complete promotional plans designed to sell through those promotion product orders. In order for me design effective promotional plans, I had to take the time to learn about their customers and their buying patterns.

Without spending too much more time on this subject, the point to
all of this is “Take the Time To Learn About Your Customers”! Don’t just attempt to sell your prospects a bill of goods to get your profits going and then your gone when the sale is done! Today’s prospect is more intelligent and they will sense your intentions. Your sales will reflect this! Show your prospects your good intent by actually LISTENING to their needs and tailoring your business product to those specific needs. If you do this, you will succeed in any circle of business, beyond your wildest dreams!

Today’s Motto: Invest in your business with a huge dose of Good
Will. Your customers will sense your sincerity and listen to you.

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