Many Opportunities in This Life Are Missed…

Would you give a long haired computer nerd $100.00 as an
‘investment’ in some new software they are working on ?

Well a friend was asked this exact question 20 years
ago but was too busy with other things so passed it up.

Bill Gates was that long haired computer nerd !

What would you have done?

Being in the right place at the right time does not happen
very often, so how do you know which company or product
to promote online with your Work at Home Business?

Bill Gates and Microsoft are prime examples of timing.
Being in the right place at the right time with the right product.

Over the last few months I have been researching a number of
new Internet based technologies. Today I received a newsletter
covering topics and sessions covered in a recent ‘Search Engine
Strategies conference in Chicago’. As a marketer you should
keep up with marketing developments and as search engines are
a major source of promoting a website, learning from the experts
is a must.

Many of the top marketers invest heavily in Pay-Per-Click
advertising so knowing the latest trends and using this knowledge
to your advantage is a must.

One of the speakers talked about trends and developments
in conjunction with search engines and new technologies.

One of the JupiterResearch experts said, “Generally there is a rule
that many things reach a critical mass when adoption or usage exceeds
twenty percent. With most of the U.S. still on dial-up, for example,
there’s little motivation for webmasters to create either content or
advertisements that require faster connections”.

2. “The twenty percent critical mass rule says that the impetus
to create more demanding content will only surface when the
broadband or high speed connection usage is great enough, after
which time better content will impel more people to adopt broadband
to create the snowball effect”.

Point one is currently relevant to advertising that is user friendly
for dialup connections, i.e. quick loading pages etc..

Point two is very interesting as the speaker went on to say
that Broadband in the U.S. now exceeds thirty percent.

I am not an expert on technology but as surely as Bill Gates
knew he had a product with potential, I believe that ‘ItsYourNet’
has the right products at the right time too.

If Broadband is about to explode or snow ball in usage, what
would happen if WiFi was the same price or even cheaper!

You would choose the WiFi (Wireless Internet Connection)
as you would be able to use a laptop or new hand held computer
anywhere, plus you would not be tied to a telephone company
paying line charges and bandwidth as most people do on Dial-up.

ItsYourNet has an association with a new WiFi product that
will become available in 2005, plus its current range of Internet
services it provides, this is a winning combination in my book.

As ItsYourNet is currently providing a range of Internet services
at very competitive pricing, there is all likelihood that ItsYourNet
is in the right place at the right time with the right products.

ItsYourNet has been in the planning for 3 years and unofficially
went online in November 2004 and will have its ‘Grand Opening`
on Saturday the 1st of January 2005.

Bill Gates asked for a one hundred dollar investment, ItsYourNet
is not asking you for one red cent to become an affiliated member.

What does this mean?

You can promote the ItsYourNet product range without any fee’s
or you can become a customer. The third option is to become a
Free affiliated member of ItsYourNet to receive your own site
and ID number then to purchase from your ItsYourNet site ID
so you receive the reseller commission for selling yourself a

ItsYourNet provides many free resources for its members
and unsurpassed marketing training.

ItsYourNet currently provides Dial-up, Hosting, become your
own ISP service and 3D.

3D ?

Yes a 3D Virtual Reality World online. You can build almost
anything in 3D. ItsYourNet even has a 3D shopping Mall.

The 3D Mall is open for you to ‘Walk Around In’ a number
of stores and kiosks have already been rented and will be opening
in January.

Now is your chance to be in at the Grand Opening of ItsYourNet.
Are you a person with vision, can you see the possibilities?

Like the old saying goes ‘The early bird gets the worms’

If my friend was to have the option to go back in time
to invest her one hundred dollars, would she?

You bet she would.

Many opportunities in this life are missed because we are so busy
looking and planning that we can`t see the forest for the trees.

ItsYourNet has the potential, do you have the vision?

‘Its Your Net – Will You Profit By It’

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